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Eating. Okay?

19 Sep

I think about food a lot sometimes. Other times, I hate thinking about food and hate myself for becoming so obsessed. Currently, I am the latter. And I’m so over myself.

Anyway, I’m pregnant right now (yes, again!), and my default mode is to eat junk and basically whatever I feel like. Well, that’s probably why I’m 50+ pounds over my body’s alleged ideal weight. I guess this line of thinking leads me to want to try to be more intentional about what I shove in my face hole. Until I want nachos. Then, we’ll just see.

So, this is a tiny post just stating my intent to think more about food. Especially the food I forcibly put into my body. I’ll share more thoughts as I develop them; but that is all I can manage right now.

What are recurring nightmares thoughts you have on food? Do you have any? It’s just me, isn’t it?