Hello, Adella

I am (a): 25, married, a mother of two, college graduate,  romantic, realist, pessimist, emotional, tender-hearted, often-tired, night person, funny, ticklish, and many other things that I’m still learning about.

This blog is… a work in progress.  I’m still uncertain that anything I say means much or is even worth being typed out, but, here I am, trying to do it anyway.  I’m generally saying this is a “lifestyle” blog in which I refuse to offer any advice (okay, maybe sometimes) because I don’t think I do or know anything well enough to offer much of an authoritative voice to anyone.  But I’m honest.  I attempt to be funny.  I’m pretty emotional and cry a lot– luckily, you won’t really have to witness that first-hand.  But, here I am, Internetland; take me for what I am.


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