Snowed In

7 Jan

There’s nothing like adult snow days.  You almost never get them after high school, and they’re even rarer as an adult out of college.  They’re like the snowflakes that make them up:  magical, unique, and fragile.

But you don’t get snow days when you have kids.  I’m trying to imagine what that would be like to have a snow day with kids…  I think it would basically go like this:

You wake up, everything in the whole state is cancelled due to mountains of snow and subarctic temps, and you’re kids just go, “Oh, okay, well, we’ll just take care of ourselves today.  I mean, crying is cancelled today, too, right?”  And you’re all like, “yes, yes it is.”  So, the kids make their meals, and put themselves down for naps, and don’t make messes they can’t clean up on their own, and– most important of all– change their own/each other’s diapers.  This is the magic of the Snow Day.  It should even make your kids forget to be kids.

Yeah.  I’m maybe a little delirious.  Maybe even snow blinded.  I might even have damaged ear drums from the copious amounts of screaming that have happened in the last 48 hours.  So. Much. Screams.


Hoping everyone is safe, warm, and has ear plugs and beer (or whatever you need in your particular situation). 

But, seriously, we wouldn’t have left the house in all probability even if we could have.  


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