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Dear Blog

8 Dec

I’ve been putting off writing anything for a while now.  And after hearing a few things from a couple different people over the last little while, I’ve decided to barf out something positive (possibly even up-lifting, but I promise nothing) for once on my little bloggity-blog.

Well, let’s see… what would I consider a “positive” in my life right now?

  • reading/joining a book club
  • my marriage
  • when my kids are sweet (I know, please stop judging that)
  • supplements that help me feel like I’m not depressed for the first time in a decade (sorry, that’s kind of heavy, but still a plus)
  • learning to code
  • envisioning an “art” to make
  • cuddling babies
  • writing lists that make little to no sense
  • oh, wait!  the group of friends I try to get together with and pray with
  • and!  reading C.S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces which has both bettered and ruined me.  I know.  I’m so dramatic.

So, there.  I have a great life!  I actually think I’m happy?  But I’m not sure.  I’m probably happy.  Yeah.  Weird.