Eating. Okay?

19 Sep

I think about food a lot sometimes. Other times, I hate thinking about food and hate myself for becoming so obsessed. Currently, I am the latter. And I’m so over myself.

Anyway, I’m pregnant right now (yes, again!), and my default mode is to eat junk and basically whatever I feel like. Well, that’s probably why I’m 50+ pounds over my body’s alleged ideal weight. I guess this line of thinking leads me to want to try to be more intentional about what I shove in my face hole. Until I want nachos. Then, we’ll just see.

So, this is a tiny post just stating my intent to think more about food. Especially the food I forcibly put into my body. I’ll share more thoughts as I develop them; but that is all I can manage right now.

What are recurring nightmares thoughts you have on food? Do you have any? It’s just me, isn’t it?


One Response to “Eating. Okay?”

  1. Katy Carter (@katyshecooks) September 20, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    Waaaaaaayyyyy back in college, I did the whole binge/starve thing, and was a “vegetarian” which basically meant I gave myself free reign to live off noodles and SlimFast.

    That roller-coaster ended around the time I started actually cooking. But then what took over is still with me today: the obsession with trying to figure out the perfect foods to eat in order to make me physically and emotionally healthy. It can be a delicate balance — sure, it’s good to want to eat healthy, and these days foods can cause problems (allergies, etc.). But it’s all too easy for me to cross the line into an obsession, where I’m driving myself crazy trying to solve a puzzle for myself and my kids. And then I lose all the enjoyment that can come with food.

    Food isn’t easy. Stereotypically, it’s not easy for women in general, in all sorts of unique ways. Which of course can get compounded when you’re pregnant (congrats, by the way!). So, no… it isn’t just you ; )

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