Starting over. Again.

13 Sep

Well, dear and loyal so-and-so’s:  here I am.  Trying to blog like a serious bloggity blogger.  But not everyday.  And not specifically about anything.  Uh, other than my life.  Specifically and generally that.  Does it sound boring?  Who knows.  There’s already a ton of mommy bloggers out there, so I don’t really want to throw myself into that arena; but I also don’t want to promise to not be a mommy blogger, either.

At 25, this is the way I feel about a lot of things:  noncommittal and unsure.

I also changed the layout.  Which I am also not certain about.  Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.  Unless you’re just going to tell me I blow; in which case, I would just cry and probably hermetize myself.  Did I mention I’m going through a (very long) sensitive phase?  I expect it to let up in about 50 or so years.  Again, no promises.

Also, I’m pretty self-deprecating… still.  If you like that, you’re in for a good dose.  I also think I’m pretty good at some things, but let’s not get over-excited about anything.

And, on that hyphenated note, I bid you adieu until I write again.  (Which will be tomorrow.  Because I’m going to try to update M-W-F.  F-Y-I.)


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