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Eating. Okay?

19 Sep

I think about food a lot sometimes. Other times, I hate thinking about food and hate myself for becoming so obsessed. Currently, I am the latter. And I’m so over myself.

Anyway, I’m pregnant right now (yes, again!), and my default mode is to eat junk and basically whatever I feel like. Well, that’s probably why I’m 50+ pounds over my body’s alleged ideal weight. I guess this line of thinking leads me to want to try to be more intentional about what I shove in my face hole. Until I want nachos. Then, we’ll just see.

So, this is a tiny post just stating my intent to think more about food. Especially the food I forcibly put into my body. I’ll share more thoughts as I develop them; but that is all I can manage right now.

What are recurring nightmares thoughts you have on food? Do you have any? It’s just me, isn’t it?


I’ve lied.

17 Sep

About updating regularly. Already.

Today got out of hand, so I guess I know now that prepping a post a day or so in advance is not a bad idea. Although I just love my shoot-from-the-hip approach to crappy writing; perhaps puttings some thought into things wouldn’t be the worst idea ever.

Anyway, I have to go get the meat off the chicken I cooked today because I forgot about it until now.

Starting over. Again.

13 Sep

Well, dear and loyal so-and-so’s:  here I am.  Trying to blog like a serious bloggity blogger.  But not everyday.  And not specifically about anything.  Uh, other than my life.  Specifically and generally that.  Does it sound boring?  Who knows.  There’s already a ton of mommy bloggers out there, so I don’t really want to throw myself into that arena; but I also don’t want to promise to not be a mommy blogger, either.

At 25, this is the way I feel about a lot of things:  noncommittal and unsure.

I also changed the layout.  Which I am also not certain about.  Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.  Unless you’re just going to tell me I blow; in which case, I would just cry and probably hermetize myself.  Did I mention I’m going through a (very long) sensitive phase?  I expect it to let up in about 50 or so years.  Again, no promises.

Also, I’m pretty self-deprecating… still.  If you like that, you’re in for a good dose.  I also think I’m pretty good at some things, but let’s not get over-excited about anything.

And, on that hyphenated note, I bid you adieu until I write again.  (Which will be tomorrow.  Because I’m going to try to update M-W-F.  F-Y-I.)