A Weird Week

16 Aug

Joe’s had the week off, and we’ve deemed it a vacation.  Although it seems a lot more like what I wish everyday life was like for us… which has made it sort of a depressing vacation.  But I’ve personally never been on a vacation with family that wasn’t a little sad– is that just me?

So.  We’re on vacation.  OR “vacation”.  We’ve done a couple of things we’ve wanted to do:  went to the state fair and the IMA; uh, sat around?  ate out a lot?  stuff like that?  Yes, that is the kind of vacation we’re having.  Not bad, not great; thus is life.

But Joe does start school this upcoming Monday.  I really don’t know what to expect; what will it be like to have a husband in school full-time and continue to work part-time?  Probably a lot like it is now; probably a lot of him being gone and the kids missing him.  And me missing him.  And some freaking out; and some just doing it.  Eventually, for good or bad, it’ll become normal for us and that’s all I can reasonably hope for right now.

Here we are at the ledge, looking down into nothingness and everythingness.  It’s a strange place to be– the waiting place; you know, our usual spot.  Totally out of control and unsure of what the best thing even is anymore.  But it’s exciting too; right?  Right?!


One Response to “A Weird Week”

  1. Crazed Woman August 17, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

    Good luck with the transition to your next phase. It really does sound like it will pay off big time…but it could sure be stressful, meanwhile. Hang in!

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