Day 199

17 Jul

It’s hot this summer.  And because it is so blazing hot almost every day, it is also smelly this summer.  And by “it”, I mean “me”.  Because I refuse to use a commercial antiperspirant/deodorant.  Because… I don’t know why anymore.  I mean, because of the aluminum?  Because it might be bad for me?  Because the scents all make me nauseous and remind me of being in a stinky bathroom that is not at all masked by a lousy floral spray?  

All of those reason.  And none of them.

I just am stubborn and won’t buy any deodorant when I should be able to make some myself.  A lot of emphasis on that SHOULD.  Because, so far, I have been unable to do so.  Every one I have made at home has left me with scabby pits (which is so gross on so many levels).  I think I might be having a reaction to baking soda as that has been the common thread, but I never seem to remember that when I make a new one.  Until about a week later when my armpits are red and scaly.  Again:  so gross.

And I find recipes that are touted as NO FAIL, CAN’T GO WRONG, ONLY COMPLETE, ILLITERATE IDIOTS CAN MESS THIS UP type recipes.  And yet, here I am– smelly.  DIY deodorant-less.  A little sad about it.  Wondering about my literacy skills…

If the smell of artificial fragrance and B.O. didn’t make me want to vomit, I’d just go back to regular old deodorant.  Really, I would.  But somewhere between ages 15 and 25, I became sensitive to smell.  And just the smell of most deos makes me want to barf.  A lot.

Anyway, if you see me– or rather, smell me– this summer, I won’t be offended if you take a step or two back. 


One Response to “Day 199”

  1. rebekahkayosborn July 23, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    amanda edgell has been making her deodorant for awhile, you should ask for her recipe. maybe it will be the winner. and that comment is not because i have smelled you. 🙂

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