Day 195

13 Jul

It is sort of disappointing to realize how short my attention span is.  Or whatever it is when you can’t just sit and watch a movie without doing 2-12 other things at the same time.  Unless you’re incredibly exhausted to the point of blurred vision.

Yes, so, in that vein:  I am currently, at this very moment even, watching Never Let Me Go.  It is… so much like the book that it’s sort of great and dissatisfying all at once.  Lovely in that it really captures the mood of the novel, but lacking in some of the things they’ve cut out.  But, overall, I’m enjoying the movie.

Which makes me wonder if there’s ever a standard release movie (i.e. not a mini series or even a multi-part picture) that is satisfying for the reader?  Like I enjoy Pride and Prejudice as a movie, but would I be left wanting for more out of the movie if I’d read the book?  Are they ever truly equals?  I wonder…



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