Day 191

9 Jul

One of my tomato plants is starting to have real, live ripe fruits.  I’m honestly just impressed I kept all my plants alive through the heat wave we had last week.  Kudos to me.  And my plants.  Who are tough as nails when personified.

My cucumber plants keep being kind of weird, though.  I have 4 pots with cukes in them, and three of them will get all wilty during the day but perk up when watered.  So maybe I’m just not watering them enough?  But the one pot is fine?  And I’ve yet to take the time to look anything up about it.  I’m pretty ambivalent about my plants survival as I can easily go to the grocery store for food.  I’d be much more intense if it was all the food we had, but it’s totally not.  TOTALLY NOT.

A friend gave me a couple plants for my birthday, and one of them is an heirloom tomato plant.  I’m really hoping for that one to produce — and it does already have one small fruit on it; yay!  But I’ve read recently how heirloom tomato breeds are so much sweeter because of such and such a reason.  So, obviously, I want to try that out first-hand.  First-hand is the only kind of experience that counts, you know?

Have I talked about nothing for long enough?  Yes, yes I have.


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