Day 178

26 Jun

I was going to show everyone a picture of my plants, which are all still alive btw, but my camera is a dirty Commie and wouldn’t turn on.  Something about “please charge the battery” or something.  I’m pretty technologically impaired, so who knows what’s going on.  (Snark!)

I’m thinking I’ll plan a birthday party for Zoe this year.  I saw on a friend’s Facebook some pictures of her daughter’s party, and I’m basically going to steal what she did.  And not really mention it to her because we’re only, like, periphery friends, really, so who cares?  I mean, maybe she does.  But I definitely don’t.  Which is why I have no qualms about taking her ideas.  

Maybe I can come up with something on my own, but I still feel like Zoe is so little it won’t really matter.  Like she’ll be excited that her family is around and that it’s Zoe-centric and, of course, the cake/cupcakes will all win her over.  But I doubt she’ll mind much if my theme is coherent or unique or hip.  And it’ll probably be none of those things, so I’m happy she’s only turning 3 and not some other age where she’d actually notice and care.  Like… 4.

I remember having birthday parties when I was little.  The last one I really remember was from when I turned 5 because it was a luau theme, with a pinata (sorry, I don’t know how to make the thing) that my cousin broke into with her fist and it made me cry, and I got a bike that was way too big for me.  Also I vaguely remember somehow overhearing or being told something about almost being adopted.  Although that might be bleeding in from any number of other ages and memories.  


Those are some of my favorite memories/pictures.  The special cake and candles.  The decorations.  Family all around.  I think Zoe and Lazarus will appreciate that we celebrated them, even if I always wonder if my attempts at parties are lame.  Hopefully they’ll grow up with a sense of the fact that it’s the thought that counts when stuff isn’t as you’d hoped.  Sometimes the thought is meaningless and stupid, but that’s something else entirely.

So what do you do to celebrate your/your kid’s/your family’s birthday(s)?  Any great theme ideas for toddler you’d like to share?


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