Day 174

22 Jun

Dear Everyone Who Reads My Blog,

THANKS. It’s weird to me that anyone is interested in reading this thing, especially because I have incredibly low self-esteem and don’t think I have anything special to offer the world. And I don’t think what I’m offering is special, do you? Not in a “this-is-so-profound-and-unique” sort of way at least. In a “weren’t-we-all-young-and-dumb-and-full-of-ennui?” sort of way, this blog (and me in person) are chocked full of weepy goodness.

So, thank you, dear readers of my blog– yes, all several dozens of you– for helping me realize I’m worth it, dammit. Why you read, I don’t know. And most of you are just lurkers (which is all I do with blogs, so no hate), but that’s okay. But that also makes me wonder if the 30-50 views my stats say I get are just the same person reading and refreshing just to mess with me. If that’s true, never let me know. Just keep it a secret.


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