Day 170

18 Jun

Ohmygosh I’m tired.  Is that all I ever talk about?  It’s all I really ever think about.  I have become a boring, tired mom.  And I’m only 25.  With 2 kids.


My only wish for this week is to hang some crap on our bare, white walls.  I don’t know if we’ll ever paint; it just doesn’t seem important for some reason.  Possibly because this is the first place I’ve lived in a long time that I wasn’t going to move out of with a year or two.  Which is super, super weird.

Speaking of weird:  I ate some salad today.  That I grew.  Lettuce turned into food by putting in my mouth and chewing.  Yes, I did grow that.  It honestly was a little weird tasting (is why I started this whole thing with “speaking of weird”), but I assume that’s because I’ve probably never eaten garden-fresh lettuce.

In other news– I want to get a bike and ride it around, like really hip-like, but I’m more than a little afraid that I will fall off.  So I should probably buy a helmet, too.


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