Day 151

30 May

So, I finally spaced out some beans and lettuce that I had started from seed (via miraculous intervention).  It was not a pretty sight.  All the roots were all tangled together because they were in such a small space and there were about a million of them…  Did I mention I’ve never gardened before (save a tomato plant one summer a couple of years ago that died after it produced a single fruit)?  Let alone started anything from seed?  I was ecstatic that anything had come up out of the dirt at all.

But then I sort of forgot about them other than to water them; underestimated how quickly they were growing and how big their roots were…  And now they’ve been moved and are pretty sad about it.  Pretty droopy.  Kind of die-y looking.  Dead-ish?

Here’s hoping they’re still alive tomorrow; and that water and sunshine will be enough for them.


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