Day 144

23 May

I am tired.  I am a little stressed.  I am very stressed.  And I was going to try to be very spiritual and not drink any alcohol to calm down and only pray.  But then I bought a 12 pack of hard cider.  It said it’s “naturally fermented”, okay?  My gut just needs that fermented goodness.


I am all kinds of cynical and angsty now.   And sweaty.  And hungry.

But I’m going to make jam sometime between now and tomorrow.  Even if it kills me.  Even if I end up with strawberry mush instead of jam.  It’s happening.  I’m doing it.  Fear of failure be damned!  I’m sucking up my pride, and I’m doing something I don’t yet know how to do.  Ugh… I’m probably going to suck at canning.  And also sweat a lot while doing it.

I’m not sure what the point of all this rambling is.  This blog should just be about me dealing with feelings and being upset about something most days.  About dealing with my demons.  Because that is what this is about, this blog.  It’s just my life.  Which happens to devoid of a father.  Who’s name is allegedly Hernandez.

Maybe that’s a deeper meaning to the title, then?  Hello, Hernandez can just be about me figuring me out.  Because there’s not enough of those blogs out there, right?  So few whiny 20-somethings unsure of their life and where they’re headed?  Right?  There’s not like a whole genre of film and television and literature devoted to that, right?


I don’t care if I’m original; I just care about being honest and (slightly more so?) funny.  That’s who I am right now.


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