Day 140

19 May

Childcare workers are decidedly underpaid. I mean, they have to be; virtually no one makes enough to pay “enough”. Seriously though, how much would you want to be paid to clean up poop, puke, boogers, pee, and other bodily secretions that have no names?

But kids are also some of the most enjoyable (when they’re not screaming and biting each other) people to be around. They’re funny and smart and inventive. They play games and use their imaginations. Okay, yeah, they throw rocks at each other and, as my littles does, eat rocks from time to time. But how funny is a baby eating mulch? Not that I would know…

I guess I like working with kids. Watching the two girls has reignited the idea of being a teacher again. I just know that I’d have to be really sold out to the idea to go through the school and then enter into the state of public education here in Indiana. And I don’t know that I’m quite there yet. We’ll see.

I like kids, though. They’re just… so awesome and awful at the same time. There are few groups of people who can be disgusting and lovable all at once.


One Response to “Day 140”

  1. designhermomma May 19, 2012 at 6:53 pm #

    word. yes, agreed.

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