Day 130

9 May

Joe’s not feeling well today, and it always brings out the very worst in me when he’s sick. I think I take him for granted so much and don’t value him for just being a loving, beautiful person. And he is. He’s so caring, intelligent, funny, helpful, loving.

Joe regularly takes on a lot of the responsibility around the house with the kids as well as house work. He will take care of me and the babies when I’m not feeling well. He does the dishes without any complaint as well as gets up with the both kids EVERY morning. He shows me he loves me by bringing me food home from his work. He makes me omelets late at night. He rubs lotion on my legs and feet even though I always kick him because I’m obscenely ticklish. He goes along with my kooky food ideology. He still loves me even though I’ve become some kind of Christian Mystic. He plays with my hair when I lie down sometimes.

He loves our kids so much too. He takes them on walks and runs with Zoe. He tickles their bellies and wipes their noses. He changes many poopy diapers and wipes many butts. He takes them to the park. He reads to them. He prays over them and hopes for their futures.

He is a great man, and I’m sorry for getting mad at him with he’s sick.


One Response to “Day 130”

  1. areyoumyfather May 9, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    You’re a very lucky woman, it seems. Joe sounds like an amazing person. Thank you for sharing – I think those who supports us deserve all of the kudos we can give them!

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