Day 119

28 Apr

Today I got to hold Lazarus and rock him and cuddle him and kiss him.  He’s about a million times cuddlier than Zoe ever was as a baby.  Even when she was only a few hours old, she’d be pushing away from me as I held her.  Laz is much different in that he likes to be held and cuddled sometimes.

It’s sort of weird to have a non-cuddly baby.  She’s harder to handle when sick or sleepy in that the normal mom reaction is to hold her child when she’s experiencing pain or discomfort.  No, non-cuddlers want to be left alone; free to scream and thrash about.  Which is so so so painful for mommy dearest as she has to just feel completely helpless.

Zoe will probably be one tough cookie someday because of her non-cuddling genes.


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