Day 115

24 Apr

I’ve been sick, so I’m feeling pretty ranty right now.  Here it is:

I’m really tired of making fun of the way “uneducated” people use language.  Say this whole, “I’m a Grammar Nazi” thing that you’ll run into on the internet.  Because it’s truly impossible to understand what someone means when he writes “to” instead of “too.”  Right?  RIGHT?  I don’t want to act like language isn’t important, because it obviously is.  But is it really all that big of a deal if people can’t spell well or know where the hell to put a comma?  Is it really something worth making the writer feel bad about?

If I’m reading a published book, yes, I totally don’t want to see even a single spelling error!  I’m totally that way.  But if it’s on, say, Facebook?  Who cares?  Did you understand what she meant?  Probably.  Does it really matter that it was spelled poorly?  Probably not.

I think I just feel like we make fun of “dumb” people.  Us educated folks.  Somehow a person’s education has dictated their worth which is disgusting.



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