Day 101

10 Apr

‘Twas the night before Lazarus’ first birthday, and I was taking a shower. Suddenly I realized I hadn’t planned anything to celebrate the day with– the horror!

I know he won’t remember or really notice that something was forgotten, but I am sad I don’t have a thing for him for tomorrow. Yes, we are going to have a small celebration when my grandparents are in town in a couple of weeks; and we did, like Joe mentioned a couple days ago, do Easter baskets this year and that was just a couple of days ago.

But Lazarus is so special to all of us. I know it’s cliche, but I really can’t believe he’s already so big! He went from tiny to huge in a flash. And now he’s got his own little personality with specific likes and dislikes, wants and ideas. He is excellent and interesting and wonderful! I love my special little man!


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