7 Apr

So tomorrow is Easter (ps this is Joe, Adella is taking the day off), and Adella and I really did baskets.

It’s funny, I think about this and I’m like, Why am I doing these baskets? But I guess it makes as much sense, or lack of sense, as giving gifts on Christmas. I think what I like about really trying to take the holidays seriously is that it builds this sense that what happens with Christ, what he did, is really super important.

And suddenly the daily and yearly rhythms, the expectations and waiting, become centered on God and his Son. It helps me care about Jesus. Tonight I had the option of going home early or staying and working. I decided to go home because, despite the need for money, there was this appeal of being able to prepare for Easter, like one would prepare for Christmas.

Usually our lives are governed by the heavenly bodies of work, school, and government-endorsed holidays. But following a church calendar in your life is a small but significant way to orient your sense of time around something God, and a way to set yourself apart—that is, be holy—and be different from the surrounding culture.

If it weren’t midnight, I’d write more.



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