Day 92

1 Apr

And round 2 of Easter crafts to try to start traditions in my house:

I got the template and info for this Holy Week banner from this blog.  They have everything you need to be able to make your own (or you can buy one from their etsy shop if that’s more your thing!).

Unfortunately (as many of my stories start), I didn’t get to start this with Zoe today, nor do I have a picture of it hanging up yet as it is not hanging up yet!  (Thankfully, Jesus died even for me.)  But here are a couple of pictures:


Uh, yes, it is sideways. 


That’s the backdrop.  You stick all of the little cut out images on there and go through a verse with each cut-out.


That little white mess at the bottom right would be me trying to figure out how to make the wrapped body for putting in the tomb on Good Friday.

The templates may not be necessary for you if you’re, say, crafty or artistic at all.  I used them but added my own little touches.  I’m a rebel, what can I say?

I have hopes that this will be a lot more on Z’s level.  But maybe she’s just a heathen devil child.  Who can really say?

I have one more Easter craft to share (again, of course, not of my own invention; just me trying to do junk), but I haven’t made it yet.  🙂  Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday?


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