Days 90 + 91

31 Mar

Ah, so it finally happened:  I missed a day.  I’m not that sad, as the reason I missed posting yesterday was because I fell asleep at 7:30pm and stayed asleep.  Whatevs.  So, today, I have pictures of my Easter “crafts.”


First, we have our “Resurrection Eggs“.  I used the printable in that link and bought some plastic eggs from Goodwill.  If you do use this printable, I’d recommend either resizing it to make the ovals smaller or  to get larger (say, goose- rather than chicken-sized eggs).

Not your typical egg yolk, yes?

Each oval has a chapter and verse number, image, and then the verse written out.  I guess the real Resurrection Eggs have little objects (and cost more than $0.50).  

I kept my little ovals attached so I could fold them like a little pamphlet.  Baby’s first tract?

In an effort to not set fire to this entire project and give up some of the perfectionism I have rattling around in me, I decided that I’d keep my too small eggs and simply fold my paper inserts.  Voila.  It fits, and I accomplish letting go of trying to be perfect just a little bit.  It’s an Easter miracle!

I numbered those suckers and then popped them into the tin in the first picture (it had delicious butter cookies in it, rest their scrumptious souls).

So to use these little egg-y delights, you’re supposed to start 12 days before Easter Sunday (either including that Sunday or not), and just go through them one by one with your 3+ year old.  They’re meant to help your young child better understand the Easter season and, obvi, the resurrection.

My experience so far (and yes, we did start several days late… again, I’m not perfect, and it’s totally cool): Zoe is too young.  Or we’ve sucked as parents so far.  She has trouble paying much attention to me trying to go through the verse and relating it to the image.  She mostly wants to open all the eggs.  I think she’ll be at a better age for it next year, but I also think we’ll go ahead and go through the rest of them anyway.  Probably your 2-year-old is totally capable of not being an egg-crazed weirdo for the 5 minutes it takes to go through it.  No, I really mean that.

Tomorrow:  My another Easter craft.  Get over it.


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