Day 89

29 Mar

I don’t remember a lot of “tradition” type things from childhood. I think maybe I didn’t get as many because we didn’t always travel to my grandparents’ for holidays, or have standing plans with another family nearby, or anything like that.  Actually, most holidays always feel a little sad to me for this reason.  

So, now, here I am with my little family struggling to figure out how to care about traditions and, even more so, panicking a little at the thought of starting some for my children.  

I’m attempting a couple of Easter things to do with the kids.  I’ll post pictures of them tomorrow.  I’m not completely sold on what my kids will get out of it (or, more appropriately, what Zoe will get, as Laz is still a ways away from even totally understanding “no”), but I guess this is how traditions start, right?

Here’s to trying things that are confusing and not within my own history! 


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