Day 85

25 Mar

So no craft pictures.  Joe gave Zoe a couple of little wooden birds he found at Michael’s last night.  Well, those were a hit.  Then she found the little birdhouses I want to paint and put in her room.  Suddenly those were also a present to her from us.

And she was enamored with them.  She made the houses talk to each other and kiss; put the birds in them and shook them back out; ran all over the house with them.

How could you not love a girl like her?

BUT, I did clean the bathroom.  Which I hadn’t cleaned since… last year?  Probably.  Oh, wait, it’s only March, so yeah definitely not since last year.  And, since our bathroom is very small, I thought I’d just wash the floors by hand.  As soon as I got to the part where I needed to wash the floors by hand, I was not happy with my decision.  Although, it really only took about 20-30 minutes to scrub the entire room…

and then I came downstairs and ordered a pizza.  OOPS.  I eat like a frat boy in both quantity and quality.

Happy Sunday, all!


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