Day 83

23 Mar

I’m going to try to think up some clever things to do in the next couple of weeks/months to keep myself interested in blogging every stupid day.  Like pictures of crap!  Uh, other stuff yet to be thought of!

In the mean time, mostly for myself, here are some things that I really like about Zoe Feodora:

  1. Unbelievably cute.  It hurts to look at her sometimes with her adorable brown eyes, long eyelashes, curly hair, and chubby cheeks.
  2. Incredibly sensitive/empathetic.  She has a great capacity for loving.
  3. Very smart.  Hello, who else knew her alphabet at 2?  C’mon.
  4. Likes to help.  She is great at  smashing eggs; not so great at opening them.
  5. Loves her family.  She often runs back and forth to each of us, saying, “I bery lub you!”
  6. Likes music, dancing, and singing.  Her little squeaky voice, rump shaking, and piano playing are so wonderful to see.
  7. Very particular.  It’s sometimes annoying, but I really do like to see her put her bear on the steps in just. the. right. spot.

Zoe Fe, I love you very much.  Even when you’re hard to handle; even when mommy sucks at being a mommy; even when you wipe your snot all over my chest:  I bery lub you, too.


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