Day 82

22 Mar

I would give almost anything to get Zoe to take a nap. I rack my brain, pace, and am, more times than I like, a mess when she won’t nap. I try every trick I can think of to help her, but she simply won’t.

I can remember not sleeping much in high school and, of course, pulling (in my case) unnecessary all-nighters in college. I can remember working and going to school and how tiring that was. I know even more recently there have been plenty of times (say, every day for the past 2 years) that I have been desperate for sleep. But never have I felt this much anxiety, stress, and anger towards another being for their sleep or lackthereof. Not even during that horrible, sleep-deprived newborn stage. Not even.

So, just the other napless day, I came across a blog post somewhere (can’t even remember where now) in which a woman listed some unexpected benefits to doing the GAPS diet (AKA the bone broth, probiotics, sauerkraut, low carb diet). One bullet point described her child’s (3 and 1/2 at the start of the protocol) sleep behavior: no or very few naps, waking up screaming at night for no reason. Hellooooo, Zoe. After doing GAPS for a while, her daughter started napping regularly again and not waking at night. I’m nearly convinced to inflict this restrictive diet on us for even the small hope that this might also help Zoe/me.

But how to convince such a picky eater to eat some of the things necessary? Namely the bone broth… and yogurt… possibly kefir… Yikes.


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