Day 62…

2 Mar

I have decided, at the very least, to drop the “dear dad” routine for now.  I’m simply not writing letters to my dad most of the time, now am I?  I just write about how I feel and junk; I’m every other blogger out there.  Perhaps I’m mildly interesting because of my honesty.

I know I don’t write funny stuff, though; mostly dark-ish, sad things.  Which is just how life is right now for me.  I actually had a friend ask (sort of) if what I write here is really how I feel because I don’t seem nearly as downtrodden in person.  I said that if I were to talk about all the things that I think about when I come to write here, I would just be weeping the whole time… probably while lying prostrate across the kitchen floor. I then told Joe about this exchange, and he said that I was not nearly as dark on here as I can get in person with him.  So there you go.  What was the point of all that?  I can’t remember.

All this to say, I suppose, that I’m going to keep writing every day– that’s probably a good exercise to get into as I pretend to want to be a poet one day– but I’m not going to pretend these are letters anymore.  Maybe that’s dumb; but we’ll see how I feel.

‘Cause this is my show, and I’ll run it how I feel like it.




One Response to “Day 62…”

  1. Crazed Woman March 5, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

    Glad you decided to keep writing every day. I really do look forward to reading what you have to say. Your introspection is inspiring!

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