Day 59 (again)

28 Feb


So I finally got my days confused it seems. I am impressed by how long I went without messing up. Unless I miss-titled another post… in which case, screw it.

Right now, I’m listening to Lazosaurus wimper and pout in his crib. He, like his sister, goes on nap strikes from time to time. Neither one ever manages to negotiate better conditions or more cookies, but they strike nonetheless.

I’d like to quit. Everything. I’ve been trying to forgive my mom, and it’s really hard. It’s hard and not fast, which makes it quitable in my mind. AND there’s the fact that once I get past this layer of emotional crap, there’s likely another one just waiting to be seen and felt and dealt with, too. It is a disgusting cycle.

I wish I could just lay in my bed and wimper, too, but I have to make soup and wipe booties and pretend that getting hit in the face by a 10 month old is fun.



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