Day 59

27 Feb

Hey guy,

So Joe’s posts are so much better than mine. And everyone’s always like “OMG he loves you sososo MUCH!!!!!” It’s true; he does. Sometimes he sucks at doing it, but you’ll get that with people. Actually, every post Joe’s written has made me cry. Whatevs.

Anyway, Dad, I really have been very tired the last… lifetime? I don’t know how long this particular “bout” has been going on, but it doesn’t feel like it’ll be relenting any time.

Did I talk about this already? I’m a really horrid blogger as I don’t feel like checking or linking, so I’m just going to talk about it again, possibly: Been really tired (like there’s a parasite sucking my life force from my skull kind of tired); think at least part of it is emotional (baggage from hating my mom for more than a decade); but I wonder how much is emotional– should I be trying to figure out a physical cause as well? I don’t know, man.

This is a real, nearly tangible reason that I want to meet you and at least get info from you: what if this is something hereditary? What if it’s something I could’ve been forewarned about? And could then tell my kids about it too? But what could that even be?

I don’t know. I’m pretty tired of being tired… sick of being sick… Taking Back Sunday?

See ya.


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