Guest Post vs Mothra

26 Feb

Dear Adella’s Dad:

Yesterday we put Zoe down at my parents’ house at like 5pm. She hadn’t napped and she was being crazy. She ended up falling asleep, and when I went into the room to take her home, she was perfectly still and snoring lightly. It was incredibly endearing, and had the circumstances permitted I would have just sat on the bed next to her and listened to her sleep. She is a precious little girl.

Adella sleeps the same way. She has a light little snore, and she’s always very tired, so I get to hear it a lot. It’s like that sound is the ghost of all the weight she carries around day to day, and sleep is the only recovery from it, and that little sizzle of a snore is the pain leaking out slowly.

She’s very tired, always very tired, and deals with a lot. There’s a lot she has to face everyday, and it is hard for her. So she sleeps a lot. It is hard to always be dealing with stuff every second. It is painful and very hard.

All this to say that she is doing something wonderfully brave and incredibly difficult, and she’s doing all she can. And if you don’t receive her with the joy and delight a father has in her daughter, and find her precious as she whispers softly in her sleep, but hurt her even a little bit, I will actually kill you.

Very sincerely,


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