Day 56

25 Feb

Dear Dad,

I don’t think things have simple answers in life.  Unfortunately.

Like lately, we’ve been starting to talk about another baby:  whether or not to have one, when if we do, the fact that we’ll probably have to buy a new vehicle (minivan… barf).  Part of the issue for me is our financial situation; or, perhaps more precisely, our health care issues.  I.e. our complete lack of health insurance.  We simply can’t afford it even if Joe’s employer offers it.

So, guess what, Indiana?  You pay for my babies!  That’s probably an oversimplification, but it’s generally how I feel about it.  I mean, y’all just pay for the prenatal, labor, delivery, and one postpartum vist for me.  Uh, and then the next 19 years of my kids’ health care needs if we never have insurance.  Hmm.

I suppose this makes me feel… weird?  Like should we not have babies because we know how to not have them (uh, I think by now we do?  But I really am not making any promises here.)?  Or is life and procreating a greater calling than all that?

I wish you were my dad in real life and could give me heart-warming advice and suggestions.

You’ll probably have more grandchildren than you’d know what to do with by the time I actually contact you.  Won’t that be great?

:/ AM


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