Day 39

8 Feb


I’ve used this analogy too much, but I feel like I’m about to pass out. I feel like I’m just gasping for air. And, selfishly, I sometimes daydream about you being the thing that helps me.

What I mean by that is: that you have money and you give it to me. Because that’s what it feels like we need constantly. That’s what is always weighing down on my chest. Even when I forget about it or try and try and try to understand how to give things to God, it’s always money and, in our case, the lack of money lurking.

I just want you to be rich and take care of me. I want someone who can finally provide for me in a way that is above and beyond.

And I just know that won’t solve anything really; but I really, really, really wish it would.

I’m sorry I’m greedy and all I want is for you to be rich.


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