Guest Post 3: Son of Guest Post

25 Jan

Dear Adella’s Dad:

Yesterday I made a crack about you living in a mansion with 27 rooms humidified by your tears. Presumably if you were wealthy you wouldn’t need to humidify it with your tears because you could pay someone to do that (me! me!). But the idea of you being wealthy is really titillating to me for a few obvious and one not obvious reason.

1. If you were wealthy, it stands to reason that you would, upon hearing of a long lost child who is struggling to start a family during difficult financial times, might be moved to generously impart some (or all, I won’t limit you) of this wealth to said child, once you determined that it was not an email scam from the King of Nigeria.

2. While I try hard to embrace hard things in life and set my face to the icy northern wind, in my heart I am small and weak and do not like working and applying myself to things. Much of my work ethic is a contrived self used to compensate for the true weakness that underlies much of what I do. A subsidized life would be easy. I could definitely do subsidized.

3. Uncle Hernandez! A bottle of 1947 Chateau Latour? You shouldn’t have! I’ll put it in the decanter so it will be ready for the kobe beef carpaccio you brought last time that’s been dry aging in the walk-in cooler. Garcon, show Monsieur Hernandez to the Game Room. And Nandy, I say I have a collection of Persian calligraphy we must discuss after the ball.

4. For some reason, I imagine that you have this considerable wealth because you are a self-made man, a man who worked hard, sacrificed, saved and spent wisely, and through this character and virtue and Christ-like manhood you are now independently wealthy (and generous, for wealth of the purse which is earned by virtue is accompanied by a wealth of heart, as thinker and writer J. M. Manley put it). That is, since I know nothing about you, I automatically assume you are everything I ever wish I was as outlined above in #2.

And this is important to me because it might mean that Adella isn’t the only one who might gain a father-figure in her life, but maybe I would too. Sure, my house came complete with all the normal white middle-class regalia: two cars, a PlayStation (AAAANNNNDDDD a Sega Saturn!), regular meals, and notably, a dad. But I never had a Father, so to speak, and for a long time I have really longed for a man to come into my life and guide me and teach me how to be a man. Christians say God is our Father, and sometimes that means something. It helps me construct a worldview that allows me to interpret the events in my life, etc, but it doesn’t really help me learn how to work hard, suffer, and so on. I need people to help with that. I need a Father. And sometimes when I think about Adella finding you, I become greedy. And I mean gree-dy.

Sure Adella needs a dad. But I want one too.



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