Day 16 (aka MLK JR DAY)

16 Jan

Dear Dad,

Unfortunately, I really don’t have anything to say about the good Doctor above.  I do sometimes think about civil rights in this country, as I am a woman (did you know that?) and at one time our country as a whole didn’t think much of the likes of me.

It does make me think a little about you, though.  Because I do think that you’re Mexican (still not sure on the PC-ness of that, or if, since it’s technically true, that it’s okay to describe you like this?  Way to be educated, right?), and I wonder if you think about civil rights or Dr. MLK, Jr. and the ideas he brought to the forefront.

I wonder:  how different might my life have been if I had grown up claiming that as part of my whole being?  Would it have mattered?  Would anyone have believed me?  (I am extremely pale at this point in my life and cannot stand to be in the sun long enough to even get a tan let alone a sunburn.)  Would I have bothered to care enough to take part in your heritage and maybe learn Spanish?

If I remember who I was at 13, the answers are all probably no.  Especially to the question of caring.

But, maybe if I knew you and you knew me, I would’ve been different.  Maybe.

Talk to you tomorrow,



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