Day 14!

14 Jan

Dear Dad,

I am very sleepy. I need to get into a better habit/routine with these “letters”. Like, maybe write them during the day when my brain works? Although, I feel like my brain only works once a day for about 35 minutes…

Zoe is really crazy when she doesn’t nap. I wonder if I was when I was little? I wonder if your kids are crazy when they don’t nap, too?

Wow, that is really blowing my mind– how can I be that much older than your kids? I mean, assuming those were your kids in that picture on Facebook. What are they, like 10 and 12 or something? And those are (potentially) my siblings! WHAT.

I just can’t even handle the thought right now for some reason. Having undiscovered siblings seems like way too much right now to even think about. Who does that? Who finds out about their much older sister one day?

For some reason, though, I also feel really excited by the idea that I have a brother and sister. Zoe and Laz can have more than one uncle. They could have TWO uncles AND an aunt.

When I was 11, your kids weren’t even born yet. That is just… bizarre.

Welcome to Bizarro World, Pops;


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