Day 13!

13 Jan

Dear Dad,

I had this really nice conversation today with a friend who is an adoptee. Did you know I wasn’t adopted, because I totally was NOT. But I find that I can relate to some feelings/emotions that adoptees feel.

And it was really nice to feel like somebody could understand that this is a huge deal– seeking you out, contacting you, possibly meshing you into my life and vice versa– but it’s also something that’s not smothering me.

Because it’s not.

But it was really weird to think that, really, I’m just a dial tone/stamp/4 hour drive away from you knowing about me. That’s a big deal. But, until it happens, it’s no deal at all, really.

So, I’ll just keep writing you letters on here until I write a real one and you’ll get to see it. That’ll be different. And horrifyingly scary. Whatevs.

I really like writing these letters; they’re pretty silly sometimes.



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