Day 12 (and I almost skipped it)

12 Jan

Dear Dad,

I’m typing without really being able to see as I’ve already taken my contacts out for the day.  You know, because I was going to go to bed.  Until my husband was like, “Oh, you have to do it; you made a commitment to write a letter ev-er-ee da-ya.” (It sounded just like that, I swear.)

So now I’m mad at him because I was in bed about to go to sleep.


And I don’t really care all that much about you when it is late, and this seems like a big, stupid project that I’m BOUND to fail eventually.  Every day?  I’ve never done anything ever day aside from my two bouts of pregnancy (I am so cranky right now!).  Every day for a year?  It has seemed pretty miraculous to me that I’ve done this now for 12 days in a row, let alone if I make it to the 366 mark.  Plus, starting next month, I’ll forget which day I’m on.

This whole plan is failing already!


So, Dad, have I mentioned I’m melodramatic?




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