Day 7 makes it a WEEK.

7 Jan

Dear Dad,

I tried to make this title a pun, but I really didn’t want to so I quit.

Sometimes I’m jealous of my own kids for having all that they have; all the things that I never got to. Sometimes I’m sorry that I’m their mother. Sometimes I have a headache for 3 years and would like to sleep for 4 days straight. Sometimes I just need to go to bed, but it’s just depressing thinking that tomorrow will be undoubtedly filled with the same tantrums, wants, and poopy diapers. Sometimes I’m jealous of you for not having to become a father until you were (presumedly) ready.

Mostly, life is hard. Kids ain’t easy. And I’ve got a headache that no Tylenol PM can solve.

I’m glad you don’t know me today.



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