Day 6 glitch

6 Jan

Dear Dad,

Today I’ve sort of run out of things to say.  Not really a great sign for the next 360 days…

I’m generally afraid that people won’t like me, but you really probably won’t.  I’m pretty crazy:  I’m some sort of Literal, Reformed, Mystic, Swearing, Drinking Christian.  I spend some of my time thinking about demonic influence (and then praying prayers of release; saying things like “in the name of Jesus”).  I cloth diaper my kids.  I am considering doing a very restrictive diet (GAPS, just FYI) in order to heal my gut.  I say the word “gut” and am not joking.  I try to ferment things.  I prefer to mix cookie dough by hand.  I mostly read self-help and religious books.  I am someone I never thought I would be; someone I would’ve hated and thought was Crazy (yes, capital “c”).  I wouldn’t have talked to me.

But, here I am; being who I am.  Hopefully you can handle it, but if you can’t, I would understand.

See ya,



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