Day-o Cinq-o

5 Jan

Dear Dad,

Today I got really frustrated with my 2-year-old.  She’s really not the worst kid– generally obedient, kind-hearted, cute as a little button– but she is hard for me to handle because she takes a lot of energy out of me.

But it gave me an interesting thought:  you, as a parent specifically to me, will be unblemished in many ways.  I wonder if meeting you will bring up a lot of “made-up” wounds.  Like remembering times I wished I had a dad in my life?  But that seems like something I would have to actively do; think about my past experiences and say, “Oh, that would’ve been a great time to have a father in my life!  I would be SO different!”

If I can help it, I think I’ll try to neither idolize nor demonize you… but I’ll probably do both simultaneously.  Somehow.


Until tomorrow,



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