11 Nov

Tomorrow is the 11th of November.  And my son will be 7 months old tomorrow.  And it’s Veterans’ Day.  And I will officially begin my “search” for my “father.”  (I’m really into air quotes, which I am totally doing in my mind right now.)

And now, here are some facts:

  • I am 24 and have never met my biological father;
  • I also am not 100% on his name, ethnicity, age, current location, etc.;
  • I have no idea how to find him (outside of the guy that I’ve already “found” via some internet sleuthing– that will get it’s own post sometime soon);
  • I have no CLUE what I’ll do when/if I do find him;
  • I am going to try to film my experience, because, hey, why not?
So, Internet, here I am; watch as I fumble and trip on my way to something I don’t totally understand yet.

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